Digitizing And Embroidery

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Digitizing and Embroidery

Many people are not aware of this new emerging technological term as it is recent one. Let me explain it a bit. Digitizing embroidery means to convert any image, text, design, art, into a design which is understandable for the machine and it can work on it to translate it on a peace of cloth. We have really worked hard on selecting people for the job of digitizing and embroidery. We are well aware of the fact that is not an easy job. We have searched all around the country and even across the countries for people who have adopted it as a hobby as it was more of a hobby in the recent past. We have collected samples from all over the places and then selected the people with best skills for our work.

Once your business will grow you will need these services as most the big brand s and companies have specific uniforms that have embroidery on it that service multipurpose i.e. it not only gives the staff members a unique identity related to the company but also helps in easy and reliable advertisement of the services. The embroidery machines cannot translate each and every design as they have certain limitations. Our teams work on complex designs to convert them into those which are easily processed by machines. This needs a lot of practice and a sound knowledge of software’s without which this is not possible.

Generally many providers provide this service but their products are out of costs of many customers. The main reason is that most of them hire designer to design and then  work on it. The good thing with us is that we have a team of designer as already mentioned in the graphic designing section. So we only need to interact with them and product quality and affordable products.

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